Stay on track with the Teacher's Aid

Do you have it all together? Your homeschool is going well. Lessons are being done. Experiments are going as planned. Teacher is staying “sane”. However, you may be forgetting a very […]

Typical boring school uniform. Bleh!

Earlier today I was at a school (away from home) to take the PSAT. While I was walking up the stairs with a friend, we both noticed the uniforms the […]

And Next on the Agenda...

Most homeschools are in full swing now. I hope that as the main educator in your home you are feeling positive about the year. It can be easy and exciting […]

Have to do vs. Want to do

About a week ago, I was sitting on the couch going over science questions with my mom and older sister. After we finished, my mom turned to my sister and […]

Half full, not half empty

For some of us, summer is ending. For others, (like me!) school has already started. Wherever you are in your schedule, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the […]