Hello Summer!

  Summer fun is right around the corner. In my head are ideas of hanging out at the pool, summer nights on the back porch, and family fun time. I […]

Your kids can help!

I will be the first to admit that I am not tech savvy. I actually feel sickened going into a store that sells laptops, thumb drives, tablets, and so on. […]

Homeschool Mid-Year Check-Up

This is a friendly reminder to take some time and assess your homeschool days. You pick the questions that are important to you and answer them honestly. Pray for guidance […]

Kids Having Fun While Learning

I’ve been officially homeschooling for about 15 years. We have used a variety of great programs. We have done experiments from books, kits, and other resources. We have used living […]

Mom can be a student too!

As you make a plan for all your students, don’t forget to include yourself! YES! You too can have your own lesson plans. You can schedule in monthly chore cleaning. […]