The Benefits Of Long Term Homeschool Record Keeping

So your curriculum provider is keeping track of all your records? Great! Wouldn’t it be nice though to have a central location for the things you do outside of your curriculum provider?

Keeping track of standardized testing, reading, extracurricular activities, and classes outside your provider are just a few examples of having all your important information in one place.

Records, Records Everywhere
Records, Records Everywhere

One Spot

If you decide to switch curriculum, it won’t be a big deal or make anything more challenging on your end because you have been doing this all along. Even if you never intend to create lesson plans you can still input classes and final grades in order to make report cards and transcripts easily.

It is so helpful to have all your student’s grades, accomplishments, organizations, and more in one spot – independent of all the different schools, curriculum providers, and various involvements that you have engaged with over several years!

I’m actually surprised when I look back at my child’s volunteer list or extracurricular activities because I see entries that I had forgotten about from her freshmen year and she is a junior! Some activities she has been involved with since she was 6 years old!

I’m grateful that we have been keeping these items with My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping because we have easy access to reporting this information when we need it. I don’t have to waste time trying to remember everything or even time just gathering it all together.


16 Hours Versus A Few Clicks

A friend of mine stopped homeschooling after the 9th grade and wanted her daughter to start 10th grade in a charter school. She told me she spent over 16 hours gathering grades, activities and so forth so that her daughter would not have to repeat 9th grade! I was amazed since my daughter was going through applications for college, and we didn’t have to invest any of that time just to apply! She was able to focus on scholarship hunting and essay writing rather than remembering her past activities and grades to write it on the application.


Do Something Wonderful For Yourself

Long term record keeping might seem like something wonderful for other people, but do consider that it might be something wonderful for you! We don’t know the plans for the future, but we can prepare ourselves for the opportunities that are around the corner! It is also wise to be able to have good reliable record keeping as proof should anyone call our homeschooling into question.

How has record keeping helped you?

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