Extra Help Should be Extra and Helpful

There are certainly times when we all feel we could use some extra help. Some of us might hire someone to clean the house, or sign up the kids for a co-op class, or have a grandparent that is present for just about anything needed. These are just a few possibilities that homeschooling parents may consider to get that extra help they are searching for today.

Is your Help helping?
Is your Help helping?


Is your “Help” really helping?

Now many employ the use of these “extra” helpers so they must be efficient wonders and getting everything done on time and school completed, right?

On the contrary after observing and talking with those that are blessed with extra help, they mention feeling overwhelmed and stressed most of the time. Why? It just doesn’t make sense. Let’s go deeper.


Here’s my take.

Extra Help should be extra, but oftentimes it really isn’t extra at all. Let me explain. If things are tough and your time is limited, then you really do need to cut back on activities, volunteer work, sports, etc. What usually happens is the opposite. Families will take on more than they can handle because they over-estimate the amount of help.

Grandma or grandpa handles all the driving around town so they sign up the kids in multiple out-of-house activities. A co-op class is sought to relieve some teaching time for Mom to work with the younger kids.  However, she forgets about the driving back and forth that will actually be longer than the time spent teaching the subject herself!


Let your “Help” help you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Grandma, cleaning ladies, co-op classes or anything that aids your day. To re-iterate, it should be aiding your day and not be a free ticket for over committing. Make sure the extra help you get is extra and help.

It really is a blessing and many dream about the resources that are available to you. Don’t let your extra help go to waste by overextending yourself because you have “help”!

Share with us what really helps you!

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