Homeschool Mid-Year Check Up

This is a friendly reminder to take some time and assess your homeschool days. You pick the questions that are important to you and answer them honestly. Pray for guidance and then make changes if needed or rejoice in how well things are going.


Homeschool Mid-Year Check-Up
Homeschool Mid-Year Check-Up


Here’s a list to get your thoughts started on some potential questions for assessment.

1. Are we getting our school work completed? If not, am I happy with the detour?

2. Is our household out of control?

3. Are we enjoying most of our days?

4. Do I look forward to a new day with my kids?

5. Are we a slave to the curriculum or is it working for us?

6. Am I keeping up with my records? Grading? Responsibilities?

7. Are we often late or absent to activities we have joined?

8. What things would I like to be different?

9. What is best about our school day?

10. What areas need more of my attention?

11. Do we need less or more social involvement?


Do what’s important now.

Obviously, this list could be quite lengthy, but it’s important for you to concentrate on what is most important to you now. Purposely limit yourself to just a few questions and look for solutions to try out.

Too many changes are much harder to keep track of than just a few. You don’t have to choose areas that are in need of improvement. You can focus on what is going right and recommit yourself to it!

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