The Socially Awkward Homeschooler – Part 2


While I may not “see” my friends every day, I still get plenty of socialization. I participate in church events, have sleepovers, go to homeschool dances, and party at our group’s monthly teen events. That still doesn’t count any extracurricular activities like a summer camp, piano parties, book club meetings, or any activities I do with my family and other close friends.

Homeschooler Pizza Party
Even homeschoolers have pizza parties!

We homeschoolers have all had the questions about “socialization” and sometimes the look of disgust when we mention we are homeschooled. I feel like school kids point to a naturally shy homeschooler and say, “Proof! Right there! Homeschoolers don’t know how to talk to others or behave in public!” Yet, they ignore the fact that their school is still teaming with shy and quiet kids excusing it as their “personality”. Don’t homeschoolers have personalities too???

I encourage other homeschool families to work to dispel the myth that we don’t know how to have fun and socialize with others. In fact, after learning I am homeschooled, many people comment on how easily I can get along with others of all ages, including adults.

What do you do to have fun and socialize? Whether or not it is a quiet activity such as eating ice cream with your neighbor in your favorite tree or bowling with your friends at your local entertainment center, I’d love to hear it. Just because the world labels us as “socially awkward” doesn’t mean we are. 🙂

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