Closet Organization Ideas

Fact: Almost every girl LOVES clothes. We like to shop, to find that perfect outfit, and to buy that new pair of shoes even if we don’t really need it. 🙂 And even if you don’t care about clothes and style all that much, you still have the same problem. Closet organization.

So where to start? The closet is the smallest “room” in the house yet it always seems to be the hardest place to clean and organize. I am an organization freak and love having a system for every single area of my life, including my clothes. Since I share a walk-in closet with my older sister it is super important to me to keep everything separate and organized exactly where it is supposed to be.

Here are a few tips I have learned and discovered to help you with organizing your closet, clothes, dresser, etc.

1.   Shoeboxes are a great place to store bras, socks, and “unmentionables”. It will keep all of them separate even if they are stored in the same dresser drawer.


2.   Color code your shirts for any easy way to find a certain top. This also helps if you are looking for a shade of blue, red, etc. to go with a bottom.


3.   Hang/Attach belts to a simple shirt hanger. No need to buy a belt organizer. You can either slip the latch over the hanger or attach the belt by looping it through the bottom of the hanger. You can also store scarves this way as well.




4.   Make good use of your doors by storing shoes in an over-the-door hanger.


5.   Keep old clothes used for cleaning or outside work in a separate spot from your regular clothes so you won’t have to search for them.

6.   Store you pajamas in the bedsheet packaging bag and tie it to your bedstead for convenience.


I hope these tips help. Remember, you can always modify an idea to find what works for you. What tricks do you use to organize your closet?


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