My children all signed up for library cards, but they don’t use them.  Our large family has found it much easier to keep track of only one account.  The kids are […]

Many families have started a new school year with all things running smoothly.  Some families are wondering about the preschoolers.  Should they have a plan?  Do they need a plan?  […]

In Search of Motivation Usually by this time of year, my research is nearing the end and I am ready to start ordering materials.  This year is quite different.  I’ve […]

The Completed Workbook A symbol of triumph or a missed opportunity? There are some that are coming near the end of their current school year.  The excitement is building as […]

Getting Ready for High School I’ve always put together our school year with resources that I feel are engaging and academically sound.  I admit it takes longer to research subjects […]

Avoiding Burnout Continuing the series on homeschool burnout, visit the first post on energizing your day, this second post focuses on fun!  This series is dedicated to avoiding the dreaded dark […]

We call it the library cart.  It was a birthday gift for me many years ago-a square rolling cart from the office supply store.  We take it with us to […]