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Avoiding Burnout

Continuing the series on homeschool burnout, visit the first post on energizing your day, this second post focuses on fun!  This series is dedicated to avoiding the dreaded dark clouds of burnout.  Let these ideas inspire you to make some sunshine in your homeschool!

  Fun School 

The kids came up with the name “Fun School” many years ago.  We did it at random times of the year, until one of my daughters made it a monthly day of Fun School.  She was given an assignment to write a persuasive paper.  I told her she could choose any topic and if it was well written with valid points that I would consider her request.  And that is how Fun School became a dedicated day we do each month!

What is Fun School?  Well it doesn’t mean that the other days of school are not fun- I wanted the kids to be clear on that point.  It just means that we take a break from our standard curriculum and do the things we haven’t had time to do, or the things that we really enjoy, or continue working on something we are really excited about at the time.

 Here are some examples of Fun School:

  • School games – There is a game for just about every subject.

  • Religion – Decorate your home with posters celebrating the faith, re-enact a Bible story, or cut out religious symbols (cross, dove, fish) and decorate them for display.  Think Vacation Bible School in your own home!

  • History – We’ve built and burned the Tower of London, made viking boats, and cooked foods from other countries.

  • Science – Science kits can be so much fun.  Most kids like watching science come alive with real experiments.  These can be very involved to simple, but either way they have a big impact.  Don’t have a kit?  Check the internet or your science books for items around the house that you can use.

  • Geography – Learn where places are in the world by doing geography puzzles!  Call out a country/river/capital and have the kids take turns locating it on a map.  You can do this with coordinates for longitude and latitude as well.

  • Construction sets – The possibilities are endless and most come with instructions for building a few examples. 

  • Writing poetry or stories – Some kids just like writing while others will choose something different.

  • Craft projects – Rugs, paintings, dioramas, cross-stitch all have been made in our home and don’t forget craft kits with all the supplies!

  • Reading – Do a favorite read aloud book together or let the kids read on their own.  Act out a scene from a favorite book or play! 

  • Videos – If you don’t own any educational ones visit the library!  We have watched many of Shakespeare’s plays, the ballet Swan Lake, and many science topics. 

  • Audio – Play music from composers you have studied, enjoy music from other countries, or listen to songs that teach something new.

  • Cooking – Baking with kids gives opportunities for learning measurements, following directions and understanding new vocabulary.  Also teaching a child to cook is easier when there isn’t a dinner deadline and fun is the goal.  

  • Computer – There are many educational websites with games that reinforce or teach new concepts.  Research the night before, and then you know the links are safe and work to your children’s’ interests and age levels.

  • Kids – The kids will have their own ideas and they will be happy to apply their imaginations and talents when given the opportunity.  If your kids seem unmotivated then just get involved doing something and enjoying it. They will usually come around to see what all the excitement is all about that they are missing!


What makes Fun School fun?  You! 

Having a great attitude, even when the experiment didn’t come out quite right, or the craft glue is all dried out will teach a lesson in itself!  No need to worry.  There isn’t any pressure to complete the task perfectly or have all the right materials!  There are no grades or assignments that need to be sent in for evaluation. The kids don’t have to be concerned about memorizing facts or being quizzed afterwords. It is just plain fun with no strings attached!  As a mom, it is great to see your kids discovering new things and enjoying learning!

The bonus is that you will see Fun School happening more often because your kids will be wanting to revisit these experiences and add new ones! 

They will be hurrying to get their school work done so that they can do the Fun stuff that isn’t “school” in their eyes, but just having fun!


  1. Great information! I think involving children in activities will increase knowledge and as parents we will have a stronger bond with our children.


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