Homeschool Burnout – Finding A Way Out (Literally)

Avoiding Burnout

Continuing the series on homeschool burnout this is the third in the series, visit the first post on energizing your day, and the second post focusing on fun!  This series is dedicated to avoiding the dreaded dark clouds of burnout.  Let these ideas inspire you to make some sunshine in your homeschool!

Changing the scenery can get everyone excited about a school day!

Here are some suggestions for finding a new study spot.

  • Pick another room in the house to spend your day! This is the easiest location because you have everything accessible to you at home for school work and entertainment for younger kids.  If you forget something just go get it and you are set for the day. 
  • Head out to the public library.  Plan to check out books of interest in science or history based on what you’ve been studying in those subjects.  You can also bring your math books along and reward the kids with a book to check out when they finish their work.  
  • Have you ever noticed how food courts in the mall have plenty of table space?  Get there early and find a corner spot.  When everyone needs a break use those coupons you’ve been saving for a snack or drink.   We’ve brought our own lunch to the mall and haven’t encountered any problems.  Since you are at the mall, you might get an errand done at the same time!  The bonus is it is totally stroller friendly and hi-chairs are available!
  • Note:  Expect the food court to get crowded during lunch time.

  • If you live in an area that isn’t too cold out then take your school outdoors.  It could be your backyard or a nearby park.  You can use the outdoor setting for subjects such as science and nature, art, or geography.  Playground equipment will allow everyone to get some good physical education!  You can also learn at a park if you choose one with a memorial, or a specific dedicated theme.  We’ve been to rose gardens, Japanese tea gardens, and arboretums all with no cost for entry. 

Plan ahead the night before making sure you have the proper study materials, snacks, drinks, activities for younger kids, strollers, diaper bags and anything else that will make your outing pleasurable.

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  1. this is so true and don't forget to turn off the TV there is nothing that can cause more problems to your focus when you need to study.


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