Avoiding Homeschool Burnout – Things You Need to Know

Avoiding Homeschool Burnout

The final blog in the Avoiding Burnout series is here!  Visit Energizing the Day, Fun School, and Finding a Way Out, if you missed the previous posts.

The first 3 posts were focused on what a homeschooling parent can do to avoid the dark clouds of burnout.  This post is different because there is nothing for you “to do” but be encouraged.

Though I don’t know everyone personally that reads this blog, please know that I am sincere in my following statements.

Things You Need to Know

YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!  What, don’t think that pertains to you?  So you are just responsible for your children’s education which spans the spectrum of academics, spiritual growth, physical well-being, and character formation to name just a few and your standard duties for each day?  It is amazing, and admirable!

YOU ARE APPRECIATED!  It is easy to feel that the sacrifices you make go unnoticed.  Is anyone grateful for your work or is it just expected?  It often isn’t expressed in words by children, especially if they are very young.  Want proof that you are appreciated?  Who do they run to when they need help or are hurt?  YOU!

YOU ARE HARDWORKING!  It doesn’t mean you are busy every minute.  It means that you are doing your best to handle whatever is on your plate.  I’ve been at church with a baby that is climbing all over me, nursing off and on, and getting into things.  I truly have felt at the end that I truly worked that hour!  Know that it is work and praiseworthy!

YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!  Some days you wonder if anyone has learned anything about anything.  Are all your efforts being put to waste?  No, it is a journey and you are making an impact.  Remember there are times when you get to see those lessons you’ve been imparting come to life.  It is because of you!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  We all have those days that can be defined as hard, crazy, unbelievable, you name it.  No one is perfect and we all have imperfect days.  Most likely if its happened to you, its happened to any of us!  So keep that in mind for when you need it!

THANK YOU!  You can never hear that enough.  Thank you for giving your time, energy, wisdom, love, and attention to your children and homeschooling them! You are making the world a better place in more ways than you think!

Know someone that could use some encouragement?  Share it with others; we’re all in this together!

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