Homeschool Burnout – 10 tips to Energize the Day!

Avoiding Burnout

As we approach the season of homeschool burnout, I though you might be looking for some clear skies.  This blog is the first in a series dedicated to avoiding the dreaded dark clouds of burnout.  Let these ideas inspire you to make some sunshine in your homeschool!

Energize Your Homeschool Day!

Ok what do I mean by this?  Simply do things differently and have fun!  Here are 10 ideas: 

  1. Change the order of which you complete your school subjects.

  2. Wear costumes or funny hats to school-go through the dress-up trunk or put something together that is just fun to wear!

  3. Eat lunch for breakfast and eat breakfast for lunch.

  4. Let the kids use colorful pens or pencil colors to complete their work.

  5. Pick a different seat other than the usual spot.

  6. Trade out the lined notebook paper for construction paper, stationary, or printer paper that has a decorative border.  Note: This may not work for every subject, so think about where it fits best.

  7. Tell the kids to use the computer to type up anything they normally write out- a history outline or grammar questions for example.

  8. Decorate your school area with streamers, banners, balloons, or leftover party theme props.

  9. Turn out the overhead lights and use alternative lighting such as night lights, flashlights, or LED candlelights.

  10. Have a “word of the day” and then do something silly every time it is said.  A silly thing could be jumping out of your seat and getting under the table.  Use a word that is likely to come up a few times like, “book” or “read”.  You can even make it into a contest to see who responds the fastest or catches the word of the day the most.

Remember enthusiasm is contagious.  Starting the day with eagerness, even when you don’t feel like it, will be the first step to brightening your homeschool.

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