Hugs Out of the Blue

Do you ever just go up to your kids and give them a hug?  I’m talking about a hug that is totally unexpected and unrelated to their behavior or an event.  A hug that says I’m glad you’re in my life and I love you!  It makes everyone feel good and lets your kids know how special they are to you.  It shows them the total unconditional love you have for them just being who they are!

I try to remember to do this from time to time- a hug just out of the blue.  I always get a huge smile from the person I am hugging.  If you’re not sure if you are doing enough hugging, here is a quick easy test.  After you give a hug if the recipient asks, “What was that for?” then you need to do it more often!

For advanced hugging, don’t be the first to let go.  You’ll be surprised at just how long your kids can hug you.  Try it, just give a hug and don’t let go right away.  Enjoy it.  Allow them to let go first when they are ready.  You might be surprised that they hold on for longer than you expected. 

Don’t forget to share your hugs with all your loved ones! 

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