Here Comes High School

Getting Ready for High School

I’ve always put together our school year with resources that I feel are engaging and academically sound.  I admit it takes longer to research subjects and materials, but we have found it completely rewarding.  My daughter already had her expectations for me to design her High School Plan.  She has thoroughly appreciated our homeschool methods and didn’t want any changes.  Since I’ve always created custom lesson plans for her, she never thought I would consider other options.  I was thinking about the workload for myself and tinkered with the idea of looking into some established home school programs.  She shunned the idea of even considering that as an option.  I still looked, it is great for inspiration.  Also it helped me realize that we both loved the freedom to choose books, topics, and materials that really make our school a place of learning.

I know that there are many of you out there considering your plan for high school. I want to encourage you. It is a huge undertaking but well worth the pursuit.  It is possible and more and more families are choosing to continue homeschooling into high school.  You can too!

So now, I’m in research mode as I prepare to pull together a curriculum for my soon to be 9th grader.  I’m learning about state requirements, college requirements, my student’s requirements and so forth. This is an exciting time, but also filled with a lot of work.  I’m thankful for because it is a tremendous blessing knowing that I can easily create a transcript or print reports when needed.  It’s easy to keep track of all her classes, grades, projects, awards, volunteer service, standardized test scores and more with this invaluable service.  

I can focus on discussing, assisting, instructing, and spending time enjoying school with my High Schooler and the rest of my kids! Learning and spending time with your family- isn’t that the best? 

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