Is Your Homework Done? Well Done?

A couple of days ago we held our 1st annual schoolwork bonfire. We gathered all of our spirals and divided them up between all of us kids for burning. Of course, we did not burn the books that could be reused, but rather everyone’s individual notes.


My brother meticulously set up the fire base. My other siblings filled the fire pit with crumpled loose pages. My dad, thankfully, brought around the hose which we used. Twice. We burned over a total of 50 notebooks not counting loose papers and tests .Plus, we got more excitement out of the process of getting rid of the old school books than if we had simply thrown the notebooks away.


My brothers, like all boys, are naturally drawn to fire. Every time they find an object that can be burned, they feel it should be burned. They were overjoyed to use their schoolwork as kindling. I admit however, that I was excited as well. After all, it is hard not to feel a certain amount of satisfaction as you watch your geometry devoured by the flames. 🙂  But I don’t want to go on a tangent here.


IMG_3538Of course, there might be some of your favorite subjects or assignments that you may not want to burn. However, when you have your least favorite subject in hand and a blazing fire in front of you, the choice seems to be a no brainer. What do you do with your old schoolwork?


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