Get Things Done For Just Pennies A Day!

To encourage my children to complete small tasks that add up to make a difference without any promptings from me.

I do not like having to ask over and over for little things to be done. Pick this up, put that away, clean this off, fix it, throw it away and on and on and on.  I decided to reward these tasks on an intermittent basis when they got done without any asking.

I got a plastic baggie and filled it with quarters. When I saw someone do something helpful, I reached in my bag and handed them a quarter. Soon the kids started to realize what I was doing and began to do things and tell me about it. News about getting money spreads pretty fast in my house.

I did not give out quarters every time on purpose. I did not want them to think that every good deed earned a quarter nor did I want them to have a mindset of being helpful for the sake of monetary reward. I also did not want it to be a big expense on my part. I figured at the beginning of this project if I spent $10 dollars a month (40 quarters) and had more order and help in our home then it was a good investment!


Carrying around the quarters in a pocket or small purse will ensure that you remember to use them. I like walking into a room and calling out, “Who organized this desk?” My kids come running in and one steps forward saying, “I did it!” and I give them a quarter in front of everyone.

Of course you can use dimes, stickers, or even stars that add up to a special something once you reach a level. The point is to use an incentive that will appeal to your children and give it randomly.

So now there in some motivation to pick up those fallen papers off the floor because you just might earn a quarter! And in the process of doing it, you just might develop a good habit, which is my ultimate goal!

So what have you done to encourage kids to keep the house tidy? What worked? What failed?  I can’t wait for your 2 cents. 🙂


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