Mom Who?

As a homeschool mom, it is easy to feel unappreciated. You are often the forgotten one as you tend to the needs of your family. It is nice to have special days when you are recognized for the hard work like birthdays or Mother’s Day, but what about the rest of the year?

The rest of the year is a continual exercise in self-giving. It is not one that always comes easy for me. In fact, after a while, I soon start to feel grumpy. I would like others to say, “Enjoy a warm meal” or “I took your advice” but that doesn’t usually happen. So here is where the tough part comes into play.

Do you have a self-pity session? Do you run yourself down to the point of what feels like no return? Do you smile and think, here lies an opportunity for me to be more virtuous? It takes some effort to get to that point of seeking an opportunity for holiness.

So to all the moms that are feeling unappreciated, forgotten, or just plain tired, remember you are not alone. God is with you through all things and learn to focus on the times when you are appreciated, remembered and loved by your family.


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