Top 10 Reasons You NEED Homeschool Records

Homeschool Records on Fire

Why should I even use My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping? My State Has No Requirements!

Life can be so much easier when you don’t have to worry about tracking anything for your homeschool! Many find that it is freeing that no reports are needed for attendance, that grades are optional for students, and that lesson planning takes all the fun out of spontaneity of learning. So why bother with My School Year’s Homeschool Record Keeping service? You think, “It just isn’t needed. My state has no requirements.”

The Real Reasons To Keep Records

Sure you realized the state may be relaxed in its homeschool laws, but have you taken the time to think about the real reasons you might need records?

1. Moving. It may be far from your mind to even consider moving as an option, but we honestly cannot predict the future. Moving to another state that has stricter requirements could quickly become reality due to job transfers, job and career changes, post-military retirement, or aging parents. These are just some of the reasons you might move to another state. And what if they want past records? Not only for moving, but also for enrolling a student in a local school requires documentation.

2. Proof. We never think it will happen to us and for most of us it is true. I know I don’t want to test the waters and hope that I am not confronted with a legal situation and feeling unprepared. You would have one less stress in trying to remember and gather – at a moment’s notice – all the documents you may need. Remember, a CPS investigation is just a phone call away based on a problematic family member or nosy neighbor.

3. Reports. You will need to have professional looking transcripts and reports for colleges, scholarships, jobs, and other opportunities. This isn’t a maybe but a fact that these entities will ask for you to provide any or all of the following: reading lists, transcripts, course descriptions, extra-curricular information, volunteer hours and so on. Be ready.

4. Motivation. Unfortunately sometimes our children feel like they aren’t very smart or don’t know anything special. In these instances showing them all the neat projects they’ve done, events they’ve participated, grades on exams and books they’ve read will help them get excited about their abilities.

5. Productivity Boost. The above can be applied to the parent as well! Don’t we sometimes wonder if we have really taught them anything useful or wonder if we are doing enough. Take the time to review those milestones when we you feel like learning just isn’t happening.

6. Immediate access anywhere. Using any mobile device or any computer will put me in touch with my homeschool whenever and wherever I want. I have access to all the reports, standardized test scores, and so much more all while away from home. How is that helpful you ask? Well, if you are at a campus tour or job fair and need to provide some information then it will be handy and not in a file cabinet back home.

7. The Ex-es. Feel more at ease (relatively speaking…pun intended) knowing that in child custody situations or in cases of false accusations that your homeschool documents are at your fingertips. An ex-spouse may attempt to thwart your children’s home education and might otherwise derail a successful homeschool. You need proof via good record keeping.

8. The “What If” Scenario. The temporary or short-lived emergency is easier to deal with than the long range type. What if you are hurt or an emergency comes up that goes on for months? Do your kids know what to do? What lessons are next? Will your entire homeschool education collapse if you are not there? Why wait to find out? Some pre-planning always works better for you, the kids, and those that are helping you through your situation. Having a plan for your homeschool is a gift to your helper.

9. Natural Disasters. Doesn’t matter where you live, there is some kind of natural disaster present and no one has a “get out unscathed” card. Even if probability is low, fires and lightning strikes are always ever present and not just your home, but also your neighbors. Fires can spread quickly and easily for example. Having your records safe from fires and natural disasters is one less concern on your mind as you handle the flood of phone calling, cleaning up, and making arrangements for your family. Even minor disasters like household flooding, spills, and misplacing your papers can easily turn into a major headache.

10. Encouragement. Getting started gives you the incentives you need to start organizing, planning, tracking, listing, (you fill in your own here) for your family. Be more efficient with time and less stressed when you accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish this school year.

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