Get your creative juices flowing again!

Being an avid writer of short stories and poems myself, I understand the struggle that occurs when one is not able to finish a story, lost on what to do […]

Mom can be a student too!

As you make a plan for all your students, don’t forget to include yourself! YES! You too can have your own lesson plans. You can schedule in monthly chore cleaning. […]

Student filling out answers to a test with a pencil.

As a high school junior this school year, it is especially important to pay special attention to the PSAT. However, even if you are a freshman or sophomore taking the […]

Kids at an Aquarium

Area schools are now back in session. This means low crowd levels for you and your homeschoolers! Take advantage of the opportunity and plan some field trips or even impromptu […]

Take a mini-break!

We’ve all experienced it, that feeling where you have almost zero energy and no fire inside to push you to get moving. Even though I have a very strong “get […]

Homeschool boy studying

I call it block scheduling because we do a few subjects in longer blocks of time and it works great for us. Let me explain. When I was preparing for […]

Stack of Papers

I’m a big fan of paper and pen. Actually I’ll go further to say paper and pencil. I can easily erase pencil and make changes as needed because a pen […]