Improve Your Creative Writing

Being an avid writer of short stories and poems myself, I understand the struggle that occurs when one is not able to finish a story, lost on what to do with a certain character, or are even hitting the wall of writer’s block when trying to start a new writing project.

Get your creative juices flowing again!

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years of creative writing to help perfect your unique style.


  • Don’t view creative writing as a chore. Remember, you’ve got the whole world in your hands. You can make your characters do anything, say anything, be anything. Everything is possible. So don’t view your power as a burden, use it to your advantage.


  • Not everything has to have a happy ending. Don’t think you have to have everything work out perfectly at the end of your story. Closure is good but don’t overuse it if it’s not necessary.


  • Find an activity or an action that makes you feel creative. If you write better while sitting in a treehouse, chewing gum, or listening to music, don’t be afraid to use your tools.


  • Use the great writers as inspirations but not copy machines. What I mean by this is admire Mark Twain’s style but don’t try to force your writings to be just like his. You are your own person and trying to copy another writer, even a great one, will make your style constricted and forced. Be like him but don’t be him.


  • Choose a time when you feel most inspired to write. If you are tired, you’re not going to produce your best work. The same goes for when you are bored. This also means, don’t look at something you wrote when you weren’t feeling your best and beat yourself up for not being a good writer. You just haven’t found your groove yet.


  • Consider the advice critics give you, but don’t live by it. Remember, you’re in charge and ultimately get to decide where you take your creation. If you don’t like the changes a critic suggest, don’t feel like you HAVE to make them.


  • If you feel blocked from a project, consider putting it away for some time. Then, later, come back to it with a fresh mind and new ideas.


  • Practice makes perfect. Everything gets better the more you do it, like sports and music. While you might be a prodigy when it comes to writing, don’t expect it to work like that. Like any hobby or skill, you have to work at it.


  • If you aren’t liking the way a project is going, don’t feel you have to finish it. Sometimes, it’s better to trash an idea and start with a clean slate. That being said, remember you can always change the way your creation flows whenever you want to. Don’t give up just because you reach a wall. Look for a new perspective to break down the wall or go over it.


I hope these tips help you as much as they help me. Above all, remember you can create anything you wish. I know it’s easy to feel you’ve run out of ideas or characters. Remember you can always base writings off of real events or people. Everyone’s got a story of their own. Good Luck!

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