And Next on the Agenda…

Most homeschools are in full swing now. I hope that as the main educator in your home you are feeling positive about the year.

It can be easy and exciting to join new groups and activities. There are so many wonderful opportunities open to homeschoolers. You may have favorites that you have done in the past and new endeavors beckoning you to join. On your calendar may be a book club meeting, sports team practice, robotics class, or park day all in one week! While some families thrive on filled days, others may feel overextended and stressed.

All the activities and groups may be awesome, but you have to ask yourself some important questions.

  1. Do we have too many commitments at this time?

  2. Are we enjoying our days or do we feel enslaved to the calendar?

  3. Am I making unreasonable demands on myself or others for the sake of the activity?

It is okay to cut back on your schedule and you don’t have to feel guilty! When you minimize in one area, you are maximizing in other areas. Your child may have more time to focus and excel on her favorite instrument. Moods may improve when given adequate down time from a rigorous swim work out. You may feel more accomplished  or refreshed because you are at home more.

Think about the kinds of homeschool days you want to have for your children and for yourself. Then make your own list of questions. You may come to the conclusion that all is well with your level of involvement or you may realize that some things need to be let go. So while you are signing permission slips for participation, remember you can sign one up for yourself as well: Permission to bow out.

Comment to share what’s on your agenda.

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