A Change In Lesson Plans – Part 6 – Making a Gap

Rescheduling to Create a Break


Real World Examples of Reschedule Tool in Action

This is the sixth and final part in a multi-post series of blogs relating to the Reschedule Tool. As the blogs are released, their respective links will become active.


Making a Gap

You may decide to complete a range of lessons by a certain date in order to have a gap, e.g. some well deserved time off or do other activities, before starting in on the lessons again.  In this scenario, you are in the midst of your school term,  but you still want to end school on your original school term end date. You are looking to shift a set of lessons, but still leave the later lesson dates in tact and unmoved.

In our example, a family had previously scheduled days off from Dec. 16 – Jan. 2. They decided that they want a longer break from Dec. 1 to Jan. 2. “Today” is currently Nov. 1.  By Nov. 30 (the last school day before the new Christmas break), they will need to complete all lessons from “today” to Dec. 15. They do not want to move or touch any lessons in Jan., Feb., and so on.

1. The Reschedule Start would be set to the first school day that needs to be re-assigned, ex: Nov. 1.

2. The Reschedule End would be set to the last school day that needs to be re-assigned, ex: Dec. 15.

3. The New Start Date would be the same date as step #1, ex: Nov. 1.

4. Set Force End Date to the day when all work should be completed, ex: Nov. 30.

Please note: that by setting a Force End Date, multiple lessons of the same class may be scheduled on the same day. In that case, My School Year will distribute the lessons evenly across the remaining school term.


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