A Change of Lesson Plans – Part 1 – Overview

Rescheduling Overview


When time off comes unexpectedly, carry on!

It is inevitable that plans will change. The reasons, whether positive or negative, are too numerous and varied to list. We know it’s going to happen, a hiccup in our schedule, but we don’t know when it will come or how long it will last. Rest assured that is a normal occurrence and you can continue homeschooling, especially when using My School Year.


How do I deal with a change of plans?

If it is a minor change, meaning that we can catch up within a week, then I usually don’t make any date changes to my lessons. I simply tell the kids that we are doing Wednesday school work on Thursday and so on until we are back on track. It is more of a mental change.

Depending on the grade level and the amount of work, sometimes we also just let some things stay undone. We choose to skip items that would be nice to complete but are not a necessity. We focus on the work that builds consecutively upon the lessons. This allows us to stay with the plan even while experiencing some minor sickness.

However, if the change of plans is neither of the 2 situations, then it is time to use the Reschedule Tool.


Quick Overview of the Reschedule Tool

The Reschedule Tool will appear with lots of on-screen help to guide you. The blue iconnext to the fields can be clicked to provide additional detail.

Go to My Homeschool > Tool > Reschedule Lessons and follow the easy steps below to get you back on track.

     A. Choose the Student, School Term and select the “continue” button.

     B. Reschedule Start – Put the lesson date that you need to move (Feb. 1 per our example below). All incomplete lessons on and after this date will be changed.

     C. Reschedule End – Put the last lesson date that you need to move (Feb. 5.). All incomplete lessons on and before this date will be changed.

Steps A-C are concerned with the lessons that you are shifting. For example, we are sick the week of Feb. 1-5 and want to shift all our lessons from that week to begin the following week of Feb. 8. This will extend our school term by an additional week or follow step E to avoid that situation.

     D. The New Start Date is the date your lessons will begin. (Feb. 8 per our example)

     E. Optionally, you can Force an End Date. By setting this option, you are wanting to complete all lessons by a certain date, which might cause multiple lessons to occur on the same day to accomplish. (This avoids that extension to our school term.)

     F. Select the Class or Classes which need to be rescheduled and then the green “Move Lessons” button on the bottom right of the screen. Done!


Real World Examples of Reschedule Tool in Action

The Reschedule Tool can be used in numerous ways.  In this next series of blogs, we will discuss examples as well as the “How-To”s. As the blogs are released, the links will become active so be sure to check back, or even better, subscribe to our blog.

Each blog will provide a easy to follow example in each of the above situations and focus solely on that one simple point.


Life Will Happen & School Can Too!

Sometimes the situation may go beyond your definition of “normal”. It may take a lot more effort and patience on your part to continue the journey of homeschooling. Rest assured that My School Year can handle a variety of rescheduling needs and even some very complex scenarios not listed.

Using the Reschedule Tool will allow you to simply make the changes needed to fit your family goals, and it can be used for all classes or just the ones that need changing. No need to erase, re-write, or mark out since it is all part of your membership.

In a few short clicks, you can have your plan updated and get back to homeschooling!

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