When Does The Week Start?

When exactly does the week start? Is it Sunday? Monday morning? Does it always start on the same day?

To answer these questions, you have to decide what kind of mentality you want to have. I personally, have always found success in living my life in a way that allows my week to start whenever I want it to. Why do I use this mentality? For one, it forces me to put off less things. Instead of going, “I’ll do it next week”, and putting off a duty until Monday, I am more apt to complete the task that day or the next.

Another good reason to think this way is that you are less likely to give up on the rest of the week just because you messed up on the first few days. If it’s Tuesday night and you screwed up your healthy eating plan, don’t give up on tomorrow. Instead, have your week start on Wednesday for a fresh start and invigorated spirit to get back on track. Or, if you’ve missed your daily devotions all week and it’s Thursday morning, don’t plan to start first thing Sunday. Start on Thursday. That’s when your week starts for you at that point in time.

There’s no law that says you can’t start exercising again on a Wednesday or start studying for a test on Thursday. If you feel like you need a mental boost and are stuck in a rut then decide that the next day (or even that day) is the beginning of your week. You will be amazed at how much this way of thinking helps.

Don’t throw the “leftovers” of the week away. Instead, just restart it. 🙂

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