Create-A-Plan Video Tutorials Are Now Available

Videos and Guides

Sometimes we can all use a little extra help, and because we all learn differently, My School Year has developed multiple ways to successfully aid you in your homeschooling journey. Whether it be through email, phone, information text, or help buttons all located throughout the site –we want you to be able to accomplish your goals with ease. So what’s new? Drumroll please…

Introducing our video tutorials and downloadable guides!

These quick videos can be found on our YouTube site or can be accessed by going to My Homeschool > Help > Video Tutorials.

We have divided up the videos into 3 categories: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. In each category you will find the name of the video, a brief description, the lesson pattern to be generated, and the running time. You have access to all these informative videos whether you have been using the site for a short time or for many years.

Here is a sample of one: Generate lessons with the same assignment name over multiple lessons.

Downloadable Guides

The downloadable guide is a handy “cheat sheet” with steps for making customized lesson plans that have more complex naming patterns. It essentially recaps the video tutorials, but you can print it out to reference as you need. You can rest assured knowing it is on the site for whenever you want it.

We want to show you all the possibilities available to you through the use of My School Year’s lesson planning tools. Of course if you have your own groove that works and want to keep it that way then don’t worry. You are not obligated to make any changes.

It’s My School Year

Remember My School Year is just that – it is your school year and you can use the tools and features that you want. You have inputs that are optional. You have choice on whether you want to make classes with final grades and no lesson plans. You choose whether you want to make a plan for every class or just a few.

You decide whether tracking attendance is a necessity (okay maybe the government is deciding this one). You choose if you want to create reports of extra-curricular activities or if you only want to create report cards and transcripts for the end of the school year. Use as much as you want now and add on more when you need it. It’s just that simple.

Remember to say, “It’s My School Year” when designing and organizing on the site.

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