Twas the Night Before…

One of the best tools I have found in life is something that is available to us all. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime. You make a small investment with your time and the return can be phenomenal. What is it?

For me it is the “Night Before” but for you it can be anytime before your scheduled event or task.

When I had 4 kids with the oldest being 4 years old I made lunches the night before. The next day I could be nursing the baby and my toddlers were able to get their lunches out of the fridge. We had a toddler picnic table in the kitchen where they would enjoy their lunch and the mess was kept to a small area.

Doing today makes tomorrow easier.
Doing today makes tomorrow easier.

Laying out clothes the night before made decision making less stressful. The kids would pick from the outfit choices I gave them the night before and we would put it at the foot of the bed. No mind changing allowed in the morning or else you lost the privilege to choose your outfit.

Loading the car with a fully stocked diaper bag, important papers, directions, or other needed items for the outing the next day made leaving the house simple and not chaotic.

In essence it means planning ahead and doing what you can now to make things easier later.

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