First Impressions

So we have all been told: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I confess: I do that ALL THE TIME. If my sister or mom finally convinces me to try a book that I do not want to read because I have already judged it, I usually wind up reading the first chapter and being so bored with the book that I never finish it.

I think that people can be a lot like books. We all have our stories and experiences. We all have our cover, our outward appearance -which means how we present ourselves and dress contributes to how others think about us. Why do you think we spend so much time deciding on an outfit we will be seen wearing in front of others?

Hi! Did you just make assumptions about me?
Hi! Did you just make assumptions about me?

In just a few seconds, you make a judgement of someone: whether you like them or not. We have also heard that “First impressions are lasting impressions” which I believe is true. The way you present yourself when you meet someone is super important. If you come across friendly and pleasant, that is how they will think of you. If you are hostile and sullen, you will always be hostile and sullen in their eyes. I’m not saying you can’t change someone’s view of you. I am saying the process can take longer than if you had changed your attitude when you first met them.

Whether you want to come across as funny or quiet, giggly or serious, always be who you truly are. That is what you are best at, anyway. 🙂 What impression do you want to make?

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