And Next on the Agenda...

Most homeschools are in full swing now. I hope that as the main educator in your home you are feeling positive about the year. It can be easy and exciting […]

Doing today makes tomorrow easier.

One of the best tools I have found in life is something that is available to us all. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime. You make […]

Many families have started a new school year with all things running smoothly.  Some families are wondering about the preschoolers.  Should they have a plan?  Do they need a plan?  […]

Who needs added stress?  NO ONE!  How often we are quick to add stress to our daily lives.  We do this by not planning properly, allowing enough time, or sometimes by […]

One of the challenges of homeschooling can be the balancing act between assisting your older children and entertaining the younger ones. Right now I have 5 with regular school assignments, […]