Prayers Please

A Request for Prayers

I have a heart that is filled with sadness and joy at the same time.  How can this be?  Our beautiful, wonderful, sweet, 11 month old son, passed away on Tuesday.  He was picture perfect health and had a great day with all of us on Sunday.  I nursed him to sleep and didn’t know that moment would be the last time I would see him and feel him with life in his body.  We don’t know why or what happened, we might never know.  This is the sadness because we miss him dearly.

The joy comes from knowing that he died without sin on his soul.  He went straight from our arms into the arms of our loving Father.  It brings a tremendous amount of peace knowing that he is in eternal happiness.

I desire with all my heart to live a life worthy of being able to see my son again.  I replay in my mind many things like watching him crawl around and then look up to smile at me.  He liked hanging out with me while I did the laundry and would pull all the letter magnets off of the refrigerator.  I would kiss his hands while he nursed and clap hands with him.

I would always hold him and say, “Thank you God for William.”  I encourage everyone to remember that life can send some very unexpected experiences – so live it with a heavenly goal in mind.  Don’t have any regrets about the time, love, or support that you can give to others.  Love everyone to the fullest and if you have to say goodbye to a loved one then have the peace of knowing you truly loved them.

Please pray for our family.  William leaves behind 8 siblings here on earth and one that I carry in my womb.  We are all hurting and rejoicing as I mentioned before.  I know that we are floating on everyone’s prayers for us.  Thank you.


  1. Veronica, we, too, rejoice in knowing William is a saint and looking upon the face of God, interceeding for you all. We are praying for you and Robert, but especially your children.

    Thank you for your faith. You can't imagine the joy and example your family brings to others… I always smile when I see the Wallace's.

    May God grant you peace and fortitude. We love and miss you all!

    Joe, Susan, Joey, Samantha, Johnathan, Virginia, Margaret, Lucy, Michael, Philomena and Cecilia Stahl

    P.S. Thanks for this blog…it encourages me because you always say what I need to hear 🙂


  2. I am sorry to hear about your loss of your darling baby William. It breaks my heart. May you find comfort in Christ, in this unbelievably surreal time of missing his cries and gurgles. My father just passed away last month, so I've also been dealing with a different aspect of loss. The hopes of heaven become even more real through death, and death "IS" so we live the right way, now.


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