How to Handle Subjects You Don’t Like

We all have to do things in life we don’t like. Certain school subjects are most definitely lumped in this category. Just because we are homeschooled doesn’t mean we have to love every test and assignment, right?

So how do you handle a subject you dislike or even detest?

Study on the Porch


First off, don’t save this subject for last.
You don’t have to do it first, but don’t push it to the end. If you save it for last, you’ll find it takes twice as long as you waste time wishing the subject was over already and dragging it out. Put this subject higher up on your school schedule when planning your day.

Secondly, consider splitting the subject up – if you can – into different parts.
Take each of these parts one at a time and work them in between other subjects, breaks, meals, etc. However, you might find this tactic doesn’t work for you if you would rather sit down and power through the whole thing at once. That’s fine, everyone’s different.

Finally, find a way to make this subject more fun.
This could mean doing your math outside on the porch, reading your history while sipping lemonade, or playing music at a low volume while working on your grammar. Don’t go over the top but don’t be afraid to try new things. Some times just a change a scenery can help.

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How do you handle subjects you don’t like?

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