Hosting Thanksgiving?

It is very easy for someone to say, “Don’t stress!” I won’t tell you not to stress. I will tell you to just avoid it!  Again, easier said than done. You may feel that stress comes to find you. At least do your best to minimize it.

Here are some guidelines.

  1. Make decisions that make your life easier rather than trying to please everyone. Prepare a quick and easy recipe rather than a complicated and time-consuming one.
  2. Use resources that are available-it’s okay to use a shortcut. Our dentist mentioned to me that she is purchasing some side dishes from a restaurant because it is easier on her.
  3. Remember it is about family and friends. Focus on relationship building instead of perfectly folded napkins when given the choice.
  4. Keep the little ones busy while you work. Have activities already prepared so you can just direct them to the color pages, crosswords, crafts, and anything they can do without your assistance. Make it fun and choose Thanksgiving related projects.
  5. Do whatever you can ahead of time to lessen work on the actual day. Make your dessert the day before for example.
  6. Don’t take on more than you can handle. If you normally have difficulty getting dinner on the table for your family then adding guests won’t miraculously be any better. Use the previous guidelines to make it happen!
  7. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and if the gravy comes out lumpy then smile and remember it may be a favorite memory for everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksigiving Dinner
Happy Thanksgiving from My School Year!

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