From the Depths of Sorrow

A New Series to Begin

When we were at the hospital with our son William, a wonderful friend came to the hospital bringing a box of goodies.  In that box was a 3 ring binder filled with blank paper and this has been one of the greatest comforts to me.  Starting that day, our family took turns writing to William, to God, our thoughts, etc…  I have kept writing and have filled many pages in that notebook.  It allows me to pour my emotions and insights out of me and onto the paper. 

The binder has gone with me pretty much everywhere I go.  I write in it almost everyday.  I’ve revealed my heart in a very personal way.  I have written and talked with friends about William’s death and a few have mentioned that I should blog my thoughts or share with others.  At first I took these requests lightly not thinking anyone would really want to read the musings of a grieving mother.  I prayed about it and gave it to God.  I told Him in prayer that if I was asked again to share or someone told me that it benefited them that I would share it publicly.  Weeks have past since then and today on the phone a friend told me how much they liked reading my emails and knowing about how we are doing.

So I’ve decided to dedicate a series to sharing my grief and revealing my sorrows and thoughts to others.  I am no expert in bereavement or theology.  My words are just my words and are not meant to be anything more.  If you find it helpful to your life, great.  If you find it depressing, then my apologies ahead of time and skip this series entitled “From the Depths of Sorrow”. 

Subtitles in this series include: 


The Question of Why?

The Gift of Tragedy

Fruits of Sorrow

Ministering to the Grieving

“What Could Have Been” Dilemma 


Please keep in mind that my posts in this series are my own thoughts and feelings and are not meant to criticize nor extol others feelings or beliefs.  They are simply my viewpoint which is one among many.


  1. Thank you, Veronica, for being willing to share your thoughts with us. I greatly appreciate them!


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am still praying for you!


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