What will you be doing this summer?

Summer Fun in the Pool
Summer Fun in the Pool

Warmer weather has arrived!

Wherever you are in your schooling (done, almost finished, or in the middle) there is no denying that the warmer weather is here. Pool parties, barbecues, parades, vacations and other summer activities are beckoning us to join the fun!

Some families look forward to a break and the unstructured schedule while others feel that chaos reigns without a routine. Is it possible to keep order without the day being fully planned out with schoolwork? Is it possible to still have some fun in the middle of a school year? The answer to both questions is yes!

If school is in session

If school is on the agenda – get the core studies done in the morning (math, grammar) and then head over to the pool for physical education! Teach your kids time management and organization by having them prepare the lunch and make a list of all the supplies needed. Give them a set time for leaving the house and the pool so they make sure to pack up and use their time wisely. Listen to some fun educational audio CD’s or books in the car. Finish up school in the afternoon.

If school is out

If school is out – decide on how much structure you want in your day. Do bed times and wake times stay in effect? Is there a dedicated time of the day for reading, art projects, or exciting science experiments that were skipped over during the school year? Maybe you want to assign days of the week for some loose structure.

  • Monday – house chores
  • Tuesday – fun outing
  • Wednesday – volunteer service
  • Thursday – elective school (poetry, art, music)
  • Friday – free day

Make adjustments as needed. Remember having a plan for summer activities and/or school will help you and your kids to enjoy it to the fullest!

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