The Seven Areas of Life That Require Goals

What are your goals?
What are your goals?

I know I already posted on how to make your goals S.M.A.R.T. Now is the time to talk about the seven areas of life in which you can and should make goals. Separating your life into theses categories lets you see which areas of life you need to focus on. Here we go! These categories are…

Mental: These are the goals you set to expand your intellect and knowledge. Types of goals in this category would be reading a certain number of books in the year, studying a foreign language, or studying a certain subject in depth.

Physical: These goals are physical goals. They can range from running a mile a day, working up to a certain weight in an exercise, or setting a body weight you want to reach.

Family: These goals focus on growing and nurturing your family life. Examples of these goals could be reserving a night of the week for family game night, havinMediag regular dates with your spouse, or planning a family vacation to bond closer together.

Social: Having a healthy social life is also important. Ways to build up this area of life could be having a regular monthly movie night with a friend, planning small dinner parties, or making an effort to meet new people.

Spiritual: This type is very easy to cater to everyone in their spiritual journey. Your goals could include going to daily Mass, praying every morning, or reading the Bible more regularly or for a set time each day.

Career: For those in school or teaching school, this area pertains to your job as a student or teacher. Goals could include scoring a certain percentage on a test, creating a school schedule, or making a meal planner for the week.

Financial: Goals in this category include setting a certain amount aside each month for retirement, saving money for a boat, or creating a budget and sticking to it.

Remember, you are not required to make a goal (or goals) in each category. Know thyself. If you can better achieve your dreams by setting one goal at a time and working toward it before setting the next one, do that and rotate your focus through each category.  The end result will be YOU accomplishing your goals.

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