A Few Tips On Relationships…

Okay, so we all are quite aware of the upcoming holiday on Sunday: St. Valentine’s Day! This post is especially dedicated to all those that will be “alone” or “un-partnered” on that celebration.

First off, I personally have never had a boyfriend. That is not to say there are not guys I like or guys that like me. It has just been nothing super serious. I still wanted to give a few tips to people because I understand how flustered some of us can get when we feel that we are “unwanted” and therefore must be unloved.

One of the most important things I have read in books is that everyone really wants you to be yourself. But, everyone is also very afraid to be themselves. The reason someone may not like you may be that the person you are pretending to be comes across as phony and fake (because it is). Also, if someone doesn’t like you the real way you are, the relationship will never work as you will both get tired of trying to be someone else. Plus, it is a lot more natural and simple if you are completely true in how you act.

So many people also feel like they need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make them complete. While I will say a relationship like this can make you feel good about yourself, chances are that you have personal underlying needs which won’t be solved by a deeper relationship with the opposite sex. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, look for other ways to express who you are and make you feel good about your looks and, more importantly, character.

Finally, don’t be overly picky. I know everyone is eager to find the perfect match but chances are it won’t be a love at first sight and you both ride off into a fairy tale sunset. You have to realize that we are all imperfect, including you. Of course, please do not take this too far. If someone has major issues, you can’t simply ignore them and write them off as small imperfections. This way will end in a lot of heartbreak and feeling like “why didn’t someone tell me this” feelings when they were in fact obvious in the beginning.

Your soulmate awaits!
Your true love awaits!

Even if you don’t have a partner this St. Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it. Your time will come. It might be a long time but trust me, it’s worth the wait. How many fairy tales have a girl going from guy to guy before finding the right one? Mostly, the girl waits patiently for her prince to arrive without investing in meaningless relationships before he shows up. And don’t we all want that perfect fairy tale ending, right?

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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