The Importance of “To-Do” Lists

One of my very favorite things is making a to-do list. Maybe it’s because it helps me organize my thoughts. Or maybe it’s because it allows me to physically see all the tasks I have to accomplish. Whatever the reason, making a to-do list is an essential task that makes life unbelievably easier.

Create a daily “to-do” list and types of “to-do” lists

I myself make a daily to-do list every school day. And even in the summer I still make lists from time to time so I remember to get everything done. Certain tasks require a daily checklist such as “prep dinner in crock-pot at 10 a.m.” or “drop off dry cleaning” while other jobs don’t have to be done that day such as “clean out closet” or “repaint fence”. Therefore, it can be helpful to have several different to-do lists at one time sorting them in terms of importance.

No task left behind

One reason to-do lists are so important is because it helps ensure that no task is forgotten or missed. It can be easy to forget the tiny things or even on some occasions, the big ones. However, with a list, you will be reminded every time you glance at it the tasks you need to accomplish.

To-do lists also help you see what you have accomplished and succeeded at. Whenever I complete a job that was not listed, I write it down and then cross it off. You will be amazed at how good you feel about yourself because it’s crossed off your list.

Making a to-do list also helps organize your thoughts. It can be easy to underestimate or overestimate the work you have to do when your list is running around in your head. Writing it down will help you see exactly what you have to do and help you plan accordingly with your life’s schedule.

Don’t think any task is too small or too big to go on the list. If it’s something you have to do, it should go on the checklist. If there is a task that is important, consider adding a certain mark next to it such as a star or smiley face. This shows you that this certain task should come before others and cannot be ignored.

Check out this great article on how to use My School Year to generate these “to-do” lists.

You can already cross “reading this great blog” off your daily list!

Happy list making!

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