The Importance of Getting Up Early

Let’s be honest – most of us do not enjoy getting up early. I am one of these people.

While I enjoy being up early, I trudge through the act of actually getting up out of bed with little enthusiasm. However, I recognize that getting up early can have many good impacts on my day. Here are a few of those good impacts to help you “jump” out of bed hopefully with a little more happiness.

Mom Getting Up Early
Getting up early has many benefits!

1. Avoid The Rush. Minimize your rushing as you will have more time to get ready for the day. Instead of rolling out of bed late and cramming in dressing and breakfast before the day’s activities, you can take your time and feel more at peace.

2. Eyes Wide Open. You will have time to fully wake up and possibly exercise, pray, or enjoy some alone time in your schedule. Instead of going off to work, school or a play date while still yawning, you will be ready to meet the day ahead full of energy.

3. Productivity Boost. You will find yourself being more productive. Laying too long in bed can make you feel lazy. However when you force yourself to get out of bed and get moving, you will act with more energy in general and with a more positive attitude. So get moving!

4. Catch Some Rays. Depending on the time you wake up, you might have a chance to see the sunrise. Watching this amazing sight while drinking a cup of hot coffee might be enough to drag you out of bed some mornings.

5. More Time. You will have overall more time in your day to get things done. Even if you sleep the same amount, you will still be able to accomplish more by starting early. And who wouldn’t trade anything for more time to knock out the ever growing to do list that accompanies a homeschooler’s schedule?

6. Peace and Quiet. You will be able to enjoy the quietness of the usually busy loud world. Since most people are not up, this allows you to relish the sounds of nature or the peaceful silence.

7. Order Up. Getting up early helps build discipline. If you can bring order into your life in even this small way, chances are it’ll spill over into other parts of your day. And who couldn’t use a little more order?

I hope these tips help. The first few days won’t be easy, but soon you will come to appreciate the pleasures of being up before possibly even the sun.

What do you do in your early mornings?

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