Sea of Boxes

As everyone is getting organized, we are getting disorganized!  At least that is how it feels in our household.  We have boxes in every room, some are lined along the hallways, others are stacked up high.  We have outgrown our house and are getting ready to move in a few weeks.

We really did our best to stay in this home and function, but we are literally tripping over each other.  We have 2 tables that are pushed against one another for our dining.  It is a challenge to get around the table for anything once everyone is sitting down.

Our youngest son has been living out of a suitcase on our bedroom floor for the past 7 months, since there isn’t any space for him to have bedroom furniture or a room to put it in.

So with a heavy heart, we are packing away, and swimming in a sea of boxes.  This house has been good to us and we have made so many memories here for the past 11 years.  We have great neighbors all around us, which really probably kept us here longer.  We knew we weren’t fitting, but there were so many positives that we just kept postponing the move.  Does anyone else feel sad when they move too?

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