New Course Grades Added (Release 1/30/2021)

Learn more about the My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping release that occurred on January 30, 2021.


New Course Grades

What is it? Course grade of “<60” has been expanded so to include individual grades from “0” to “59” for class and assignment grades.

How it works. When assigning a grade to an assignment, exact values ranging from 0 to 59 are now available for use.

Please note that the original “<60” effectively translated to a “59” for grading purposes. Assignments with grade of “<60” are still set but can be updated as needed. To preserve integrity and consistency of past classes and assignments, we did not alter anyone’s class or assignment grades.

What is this for? In order to better match and reflect a student’s grade in a course – whether from homeschool, coop, or another private school – the need for precise grading has increased. These new values will help ensure precise grading.


System Adjustments

In every software system in the world, the need to make tweaks will always exist. Since some of you may have encountered these “un-documented features” (e.g. bugs), here is a list of items corrected.

  • Updates to “percent of grade” on the “View Grades” screen are now correctly saved, specifically if that class/term had sub-terms.
  • When managing a student’s password, the system now displays the password requirements when it fails to meet minimum criteria.
  • Copy Class/Lessons had an silent, non-fatal issue that has been corrected.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this addition ! ???? We have enjoyed using myschool year for our homeschool co-op !


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