Imperfect Timing

Do you ever say or think…I will get in shape after I am done having children, or I will get organized after my kids move out, or my spiritual life will blossom once I have the time to pray each day for an hour.

It is easy to fall into the mindset of excuses and not realize that what is holding us back from growing is often ourselves. I usually do not even notice that I am making excuses. I blame all that is around me – the external and wash my hands of responsibility. I can’t better myself in (fill in the blank) because (handy excuse).

The Time to ACT is now!
The Time to ACT is now!

I am a work in progress and I am making an effort to stop waiting for the perfect  and start now with what I have at the moment which is the imperfect. It is my reality.

Tips to help the imperfect/everyone

  1. Stop waiting and just begin, even if it is not your ideal goal. Ex: Organizing one drawer out of many on your desk.
  2. Begin again because life will inevitably happen to change your plan. Ex: 3 day workout turned into 1 day workout since kids are sick.
  3. Small beginnings can grow into sustainable habits so persevere. Ex: 5 minutes of prayer can become a daily morning offering.
  4. You are not exempt from making improvements, but you are imperfect. Know it and use it. Ex: Strive for perfection as Matthew 5:48 states, “So be perfect, just as your heavenly father is perfect.”

Remember what you think is imperfect timing is really perfect timing in your life! How will you use it?

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