Declutter with Bins

The Bins

Each child in our family has a plastic bin.  This bin is either in their closet or under their bed.  These bins when used properly can be the answer to decluttering a bedroom and home!

My kids collect stuff and stuff just seems to find them.  A trip to the dentist will bring in array of novelties like spinning tops, parachute men, stickers, and more.  A birthday party hat or noisemaker might be just too much fun to throw away.  The mail brings circulars with pictures of doughnuts, ice cream, and other treats that should but cut out and gazed upon every few days.  Yes, my son carried around an advertisement for doughnuts for over a year!

So how can we find a home for all these amusements?  The bins have been the solution for our family.  Each child has their own plastic bin.  It is soley their property to place all the gadgets, papers, and important stuff that is not ready to be thrown away.  If it fits in the bin then it can be saved.  We have one simple rule:  no food or beverage is allowed to enter the bins.

About every six weeks we have a review time so the kids can go through the bins on their own and part with those items that have lost their fancy and make room for new items.  I will admit that on the days when everyone is reviewing the contents of their bins some trading does occur.  The spinning top may have lost its appeal to the 9 year old, but is now a wonder of revolution to the 5 year old.

Why the Kids Like the Bins

They don’t have to throw away that special craft or trinket until they are ready.

It holds all the treasures that are individually special to them.

They know exactly where to find that special something that brings them a little enjoyment.

Why Mom Likes the Bins

It reduces the amount of clutter I see around the house.

I don’t feel like a meanie making them get rid of something that is meaningless to me, but meaningful to them.

I have a place to direct them to put there stuff away when they find new treasures to behold.

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  1. I love this idea, thanks for sharing!!


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