Clutter Catchers

Visual Overload

I don’t function very well if I see too many things out and around the house. I enjoy my days and time better when things are put away. I think I suffer from visual overload. My condition has improved over the years as I have worked on being at peace with toys scattered on the floor. I am happy to report that the children no longer have to put everything away before every meal is served! One of the ways I minimize the visual jumble of stuff is by using clutter catchers.

What are clutter catchers?

They are containers that can be decorative and purchased at a store or they can be recycled items that are already in your home just waiting to catch some clutter.

Here are some examples that may already be in your home: baby wipe holders, shoeboxes, oatmeal canisters, plastic kitchen food containers, sturdy cardboard boxes that were previously used in packaging an item, and plastic cups from restaurants.

Hospital Bins

Hospital bins hold diapers, wipes, ointment, and a onesie.

Hospital Bin
Hospital Bin

Restaurant Cups

Restaurant cups hold bathing products.

Before using a clutter catcher
After using a clutter catcher

Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes hold bathroom counter supplies.

Clutter on bathroom counter
A nice clean bathroom counter.

Anything Can Be a Clutter Catcher

Whether you like purchasing beautiful baskets for holding magazines or reusing an item like from above –  it still catches the clutter!

What are some of your favorite clutter catchers?

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