Eggcellent Easter Ideas…

Happy Holy Week! Easter is just around the corner and promising spring weather. If you are like most parents, you may dread the morning where your child collects candy filled eggs and tries to consume as much possible sugar as their body can hold. Never fear, there are always simple yet still fun alternatives. Here are a few.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter

Don’t put all your sugar into one basket

Instead of putting candy in all the eggs, only give a select few sugary items. You can fill the rest up with stickers, small prizes, and coupons. These coupons can include favors such as picking an item from a prize bin, having mom make your favorite dinner the next week, or having an older sibling devote an hour to playing games of your choice. The sky is the limit!

You have got time

Remember that your kid doesn’t have to eat all the candy at once. The Easter Season lasts for 50 days. Spread out the sugar over that time period. This also teaches your kids delayed gratification, gratitude and self-discipline.

Hold and release policy

If you have kids of varying ages, split them up so that every child has a chance to collect eggs without the oldest or fastest getting them all. You can either do separate egg hunts or “release them” to collect eggs at different times. For instance, let the youngest search for 2 minutes before the next child can start. You can also hide a certain number of eggs per kid and allow them each to collect that number.

The Reason of the Season

Focus them on the true meaning of Easter which is the most important thing of all. Your kids will get along better and have more fun if they act amicable and loving rather than greedy and selfish.

That being said, get out there and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection! Happy Easter!

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