Homeschool Record Keeping Made Easy

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Are you wasting valuable hours writing the same thing over and over in your planner?
Confused and disappointed in overly complex software systems??
Worried about government officials requesting your records???

Simplify your life by choosing
The ONLY homeschool organizer you will ever need.

Our online homeschool organizer was created with you, the homeschool teacher, in mind. First, we created an easy to use record keeping system. Then, we themed the entire site for easier understanding. Finally, we created really cool features that you want: lesson plan generators, powerful lists that allow you to sort, filter, and download, useful reports to use in your classroom, attendance tracking, and much more! Stop wasting time trying to figure out other systems.

Just step through our simple set up wizard and you will be enjoying the peace of mind knowing not only that are you keeping your homeschool records, but also that they are safe, secure and accessible at anytime. We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day ensuring fast, efficient support all school year long.

Our homeschool reporting system will remove needless worrying about computer crashes, viruses, and failed backups. You won't be pestered by obtrusive or offensive ads, making it safe for the whole family to use. YOU are our customer, not an advertiser. Let our homeschooling family serve yours.

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